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Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF) established in 1996 by Dr. V. Mohan, internationally acclaimed diabetologist and research scientist and his wife Late Dr. Rema Mohan, internationally known specialist in diabetic eye disorders. MDRF was founded with the vision of providing a world class environment for research in diabetes and its complications. Within its short span of existence, MDRF has built up strengths in basic, clinical and epidemiological research. The quality of its research in diabetes and its complications is evidenced by numerous original publications in reputed peer reviewed journals. The institute also collaborates with several international and national centres.

A 100% non-profit organization, MDRF depends largely on private donors and government research support for its growth and activities. Its core departments have improved over the years with the addition of state-of-the-art facilities. The major strength of the institute lies in well-structured epidemiological studies that help the ongoing biochemical, genetic, molecular and cell-based studies. Another main area where we focus is the definition of individuals at risk of diabetes or its complications by identification of risk markers.

Research is a long-term investment where the fruits will be visible only years later. However what is very gratifying is that our research has had an immediate impact on the community. A tangible example of this is the building of parks leading to an increase in physical activity via life style modification in two colonies adopted by us for our epidemiological studies. The real measure of our work rests on its long-term ability to affect knowledge transfer and to have an impact on the health of the community. Towards this goal we continue to progress.....
Dr. V. Mohan
Late Dr. Rema Mohan
Our Vision

Working towards prevention and cure of diabetes and its complications

Our Mission
  1. To carry out basic and clinical research of international quality and set new standards in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and its complications.

  2. To provide a world-class training environment for basic and clinical scientists in the field of diabetes and its complications.

  3. To improve the lives of people with diabetes by translating research into community action.
Organizational Struture
Dr. V. Mohan

Dr. R. M. Anjana
Dr. I. Ranjit Unnikrishnan

Dr. V. Mohan
Dr. R. M. Anjana
Molecular Genetics
Dr. Radha Venkatesan
Clinical Trials
Dr. S. Poongothai
Research Operations and Diabetes Complications
Dr. R. Guha Pradeepa
Ocular Research
Dr. Rajalakshmi
Dr. M. Deepa
Clinical Epidemiology
Dr. Shanti Rani
Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics
Ms. Sudha Vasudevan
Diabetes Food Technology
Dr. S. Shobana
Preventive and Digital Health Research
Dr. Ranjani Harish
Childhood and Youth Onset Diabetes
Dr. Amudha
Vascular Biology
Dr. Nagaraj Manickam
Cell & Molecular Biology
Dr. M.Balasubramanyam
Data Management
Ms. Jebarani K.S.
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