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Educational Activities

Ph.D. Programme:
The MDRF is recognized by the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University and The University of Madras for conducting courses leading to the award of Ph.D. degree. Doctors with M.D. or post-graduate students with M.Phil or M.Sc are eligible to do their Ph.D course at the MDRF. The Madras Diabetes Research Foundation imparts training to doctoral students from clinical, paramedical and basic science backgrounds in an academic programme linked with The Tamil Nadu Dr MGR University, Guindy, Chennai, and the University of Madras, Chepauk, Chennai. The departments of Diabetology, Ophthalmology and Biochemistry are recognized by the "Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University" and the department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology is recognized by the "University of Madras" to conduct Ph.D courses. At present the foundation’s 4 recognized guides for supervising Ph.D students, are; Dr. V. Mohan, Dr. Rema Mohan, Dr. M.Balasubramanyam, and Dr. Radha Venkatesan, and a total of 24 students are persuing the Ph.D. course at our center .

Short-term Internship Programme

Short-term research training programme: This three to six months training programme on diabetes and its complications is conducted every year. The purpose of this short-term training programme for undergraduate students, graduate students, and students in health-professional courses, is to provide exposure to opportunities inherent in research careers in areas relevant to Diabetes. >25 students have completed this programme so far.


Summer Internship Programme
This internship will provide a 1-month, full-time summer training programme targeted at under graduate and post graduate students on yearly basis. The purpose of this summer internship is to develop and expand the research capacity among graduate students to develop and expand the basis for clinical practice in diabetes.  
This programme is designed to allow students to tailor their summer training to their own research interests, while providing a broad foundation in their area of concentration in the field of diabetes. This programme provides an extraordinary opportunity to perform research in diabetes at MDRF. As indicated by Dr. Abdul Kalam, our President of India, a great challenge in science today is: ‘attracting youth to take up a science career’. The Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF) contributes in its own way to this cause by the operation of the Summer Training programme.  This unique academic programme is being co-coordinated by Dr. M. Balasubramanyam, Senior Scientist, MDRF. The training objective is referred to as ‘EBBS’ module (Exposing Biomedicine-Biotechnology opportunities to Students). During this training, students were exposed to various departments in MDRF viz., epidemiology, clinical trials, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, genetics and tissue culture facility. They were also exposed to multi-disciplinary research opportunities with special reference to diabetes as a disease model. The training module included specific experimental demonstrations, talks, interactive sessions and tips for taking up job and/or higher education opportunities.


Short-term Internship Training in Nutrition & Dietetics
Dr.Mohans’ DSC, the sister concern of MDRF, the world’s first   ISO 9001 certified diabetic centre provides a unique learning environment with practical experience for the students of nutrition and dietetics.  Internship programmes are conducted for dietitians under the guidance of Dr Saroja Raghavan for a period of one month. The goal is to promote a programme that exposes the   interns to the depth and breadth of current dietetic practice, as diet is one of the pillars in the management of diabetes. At the end of the course, certificates are issued to all the students. Until date, over 681 students from various institutions and colleges have completed dietetic internship programme at Dr.Mohans’ DSC & MDRF. Training courses are also offered for Biochemists, Technicians and other paramedical personnel.

MDRF-ADA Postgraduate Course in Diabetology

India today has the dubious distinction of being the "Diabetic Capital" of the world. WHO has also declared that diabetes has reached epidemic proportions and has suggested urgent steps to tackle diabetes on a war footing. To fight this epidemic of diabetes, India needs well-trained professionals (diabetologists) to provide quality diabetes care.  With this objective in mind, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) came forward to conduct a Post- Graduate Course on diabetes in India. The first course was held in September 2002, the second in September 2004 and the third held in October 2006. Over 3000 doctors attended these courses from India and neighbouring countries.  

MDRF Student Exchange programme

Outbound Students From the MDRF:


Dr. Deepa Raj

Dr. Shanthirani

Dr. S.C. Premanand

Dr. M. Deepa

Ms. Poongothai

Dr. G. Pradeepa

Mr. Ganesh

Ms. Karukuzhali

Dr.V. Prathiba

Ms. Revathi

Ms. Bettsy

Mr. Parthiban

Dr. Rajalakshmi

Dr Prashantha

Ms. Hemavathy

Mr. Chidambaram

Mr. Umapathy

Dr HK Das

Ms. G. Radhika

Training in Biostatistics at the University of Alabama [UAB], Birmingham, USA.

Dr. Priya Maria Miranda Training in Clinical Islet Transplantation at the University of Alberta, Edminton, Canada



Inbound Students:



Dr. Sucharita Yarlaggada,
MSc Global Health Science
Ms. Christelle Kervella
Course Administrator, Post-Graduate Courses Administrator
University of Oxford, Department of Public Health

Chunampet Project
Health Case workers

Dr. Ben Lacey, MSc Global Health Science
Ms. Christelle Kervella
Course Administrator, Post-Graduate Courses,
Administrator,University of Oxford, Department of Public Health

Urbanization and incidence of NCD’s

Ms. Meghan Lynch,
Global Epidemiology, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

GDM follow-up in DEMR

Ms. Catherine Armbruster,
Global Epidemiology, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

IDF Bridges Project

Ms. Woon Cho  Kim,
Global Epidemiology, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

Mortality Follow up in DEMR

Ms.Astrid Mehren, Norwegain Nursing students

Nursing Students

Ms.Alexandra Saldebring, Norwegain Nursing students

Ms. Sanna Ronkainen, Annandale, VA 


Dr. Nguyen Manh Ha
WDF, Peer Programme, Vietnam

Foot Care and Management.

Mr. POUV Sothearin
WDF, Peer Programme, Vietnam

Diabetes care and education.

Dr. Barbara Stewart-Knox,
Leading supervisor of research


Ms. Heather Parr, Ulster, UK


Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stanford University


Katy Kirk
Global Health Initiative (GHI), Public Health,  Emory University Atlanta

Why are patients not following up at DMDSC regularly?

Joan Braithwaite
Global Health Initiative (GHI), Public Health, Emory University Atlanta

Ezekiel Burke
Global Health Initiative (GHI), Business, Emory University Atlanta

Shruthi Subramanyam
Global Health Initiative (GHI), Sociology, Emory University Atlanta

Ms. Shubha Shetty –
MPH 1st year, GFEE, Emory University Atlanta


Ms. Ha Phuong Nguyen
MPH 1st year, GFEE, Emory University Atlanta

Mr. Matt Magee,
Ph.D student in Epidemiology, Emory University Atlanta

TYPE 2 DM in Youth project

Bea Pina
Mayo clinic

Paramedical Internship in Diabetology

Serena Del Mundo
Mayo clinic

Megan Chang
Mayo clinic

Anisha Mudhaliar
10th grade student, USA

Youth onset Diabetes Mellitus

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