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MDRF Guest Book  
Jean Claude MBanya, President, International Diabetes Federation [IDF]
Record achievement in record time! Excellent potential for scientific excellence!
Andrew Farmer, OCDEM, University of Oxford, UK
A great achievement in establishing the facility!

Dr. Gopal Pande, Scientist CCMB, Hyderabad
I am truly impressed with the quality of work and work culture at MDRF. I hope more and more such foundation would come up in India.

Lars Rebien Sorensen, President & CEO, Novo Nordisk, DK
Thankyou for a wonderful visit ! Carry on your Good work of changing Diabetes!

Dr. V. M. Katoch,Secretary to Govt. of India  Department of Health Research  (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare)& Director General
Indian Council of Medial Research
It is a unique experience to see a blend of activities on all aspects Diabetes mellitus- from patients to discovery. Best wishes to all the team members of Dr. Mohans and a tribute to his leadership

Dr. Senthil Kumar, Manchester, UK
Excellent service and multidisciplinary care along with research activities – very impressive. Congratulations – Keep up the good work!

Lal L. Chellaram
Wonderful Institution – Well done for the creation of this diabetic institution.

Dr. V.K. Chopra, Escort Heart Institute
Truly impressive – Great work!!

Dr. Manisha Agarwal, Dr. Saroff’s Gravity Eye Hospital New Delhi
It was a wonderful experience to tour thees wonderful centre. I am really appreciative of the hard work put in by Dr. Mohan, Keep up the excellent work. Best wishes always.

Dr. Mojoko Jlohob, Director, Access to Health Programme
Novo Nordisk, Denmark
This is a most inspiring undertaking a less on for many countries in Africa.

Dr. Kaushik Ramaiya, Tanzania
This has been a very inspiring visit. It shows what can be done if there is a will

Thank you for the great summer learning opportunity in public health research. I learned a lot working with the research team – especially the Epid department folks!. I hope I can contribute to strengthen the EMORY-MDRF Collaboration.

Vai dheesh, Managing director, J & J
One of the outstanding facilities that is dedicated to reduce the diabetic burden in India. My heartfelt congratulation and thanks to the team for making a difference to our society.

Heather Lanthorn, Fullbright scholar USA
Thank you for a great 10 months of research and learning. The epidemiology and translational research teams are fantastic.

Prof. Ronald Kleind, Prof. of Ophthalmology,
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
It has been wonderful to visit your center to see the high quality of care you are giving your patients with diabetes.  It reflects your hard work and dedication.  I wish you great success in the future and look forward to following your accomplishments. To our  continued friendship.

Dr. Barbara Klein, Prof. of Ophthalmology
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
We have had a wonderful visit to India and especially to your clinic at Chennai.  We hope for future collaborations.  The clinic is a marvel and will no doubt improve the health and happiness of your many fortunate patients.  Your success seems assured.

Prof. Werner Sherbaum, Director,
Diabetes Research Institute at the
University of Duesseldorf, Germany
It is really good to see you again in such a good shape.  You are doing a wonderful job with your clinic and research centre in Madras, where you have set  an excellent basis for research and medical training at the highest standard.  I wish you good luck, full success and to the both of us towards furthering interests on our common projects.

Prof. Michael Steffes
Prof. of Laboratory Medicine and Chief of Laboratory services,
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, U.S.A.
I have enjoyed a very stimulating visit.  The quality of work here will contribute towards greater understanding of diabetes and its complications.  I look forward to enriching our knowledge through the intersections of two very different perspectives.

Prof. Gundu H.R. Rao
Prof. Director, Thrombosis Research
University of Minnesota, Secretary General, SASAT International
I am delighted to write that the visit to the MDRF was very rewarding.  It is probably one of the best research oriented clinics in the country.  I congratulate Dr. Mohan and Mrs (Dr). Rema Mohan on their monumental  efforts.  I wish Mohan and MDRF staff all success.

Dr. Kanagasabapathy A.S
Prof. & Head Dept. of Clinical Biochemistry,
C.M.C. Hospital, Vellore - 632 004
I am extremely thankful to you for your kind invitation to visit your organization.  I am delighted to see your well equipped lab and enjoyed interacting with your dedicated staff.  Heartiest congratulations on your successful achievement in getting ISO 9002.  Wish you and your organization many more successes.


Dr. Ali Foster, Chief Podiatrist
King's College of Hospital, London, U.K
I have greatly enjoyed my visit to your centre and am deeply impressed by the quality of care you offer - so many specialities under one roof and such enthusiasm and dedication.  Thank you for welcoming me here to the podiatry workshop.

Prof. Alexander s. Ametov
Head. Endocrinology & Diabetology Chair,
Russian Medical Academy. Moscow
I am really impressed by the all activities which you are doing in your center.  I wish you all the best, prosperity, peace and love.  Hope that we will continue our co-operation and friendship.

Prof. John Yudkin, University College, London, UK
It has been a most interesting and stimulating 2 days of discussions and interaction.  The  DMDSC has come a very long way, and it is clearly going very far.  With a Chairman of such quality and a dedicated and enthusiastic team of workers, you are going to make important contributions on the topic of diabetes and vascular disease in India.

Dr. Knut Borch Johnsen, Chairman, Steno Diabetes Centre
Copenhagen, Denmark
What you have achieved in these 8 years has only been possible through hard work, a devoted staff and inspiring leadership.  The same qualities will inevitably bring you all the way up front - nationally and internationally.  We at the Steno Diabetes Centre are proud to be invited to be a part of this process.

Dr. J.P. Munjal, President,
Association of Physicians of India, New Delhi
It was an honour and pleasure to visit a centre - serving humanity with both a scientific approach and with compassion.  Really impressed. Wish you all luck. Glory to you.

Dr. N.K. Pillai, Medical Director
Sharjah, UAE
Very impressive set up.  Your service to humanity with love and scientific approach will heal the sorrow and suffering of patients who have diabetes mellitus.

Ms. Sascha Turler, Nutrition Student, Boston University,
Boston, U.S.A
I have had a wonderful stay here in India, which was a great enrichment for the future work, as well as for my personal experience. Dr. Mohan, a big thank you to you and your people, who welcomed me so warmly and give this excellent spirit and atmosphere to this centre.  Your drive and visions are admirable and I wish you all the best.

Dr. P.C. Alexander, Former Governor of Maharashtra
It was a great pleasure for me to have had the opportunity of  visiting  this centre and knowing first hand the excellent work being done here by Dr. Mohan and his colleagues. The very high standards of excellence maintained by the centre are enough  to make this an international centre for quality services. I wish the centre continued success in the future.

Mr. S.C. Jamir, Chief Minister of Nagaland
I am deeply impressed by the way all equipments have been placed.   One feels confident even before the treatment is not started !  I think the most important thing is the confidence injected in the patients. I wish the institution a great success.

Mr. Arun Bungiwar, Chief Secretary
Govt. of Maharashtra
It was an experience to visit DMDSC.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is an ISO 9002 centre.  This was also obvious from the way various systems are  organized in the clinic.  The staff and trained doctors are pleasure  to deal with.  I was extremely happy to meet Dr. Mohan.  He gave extremely useful advise on my diabetes.  I was very happy to be here.  Hope that we have at least one such centre at each Metro.

Mr. K. H. Ranganath, Minister for Forests,
Govt. of Karnataka
I am proud of this Hospital.  I had an occasion to be the inpatient of the hospital early 1993 and had the advise of late Dr. Viswanathan, whom I still remember.  Again I have to be here today for my checkup.  Dr.V.Mohan was kind enough to see me and advise me. Today I went round the new institution which is built up with all the facilities.  It is no exaggeration to say that this institution is built with very good equipments and manned by dedicated personnel.  The specialists working in the laboratory really deserve all the appreciation.  The idea of building up a research foundation is a laudable one which  I am sure will bring glory to our country.

Dr. Sampath Parthasarathy, Professor of Medicine,
Emory University, Atlanta, U.S.A
A great clinical / academic and research institution. Undoubtedly one of the most inspiring centers. The friendliness and dedication of Dr. Mohan and his associates would make anyone a most welcome guest to this facility. Great and warm regards.

Shri. Ch. Vidhyasagar Rao, Union Minister for State (Home Affairs),
Govt. of India, New Delhi
I am very happy today in this centre. I was able to completely know my health states. I found all facilities here which I could not find so far in any hospital in India.

Dr. V. Mangesh Kumar, Asst. Prof. Of Neurology,
Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, USA
Pleasure to be here today. This is a wonderful setup. You have an upto date program, I am impressed with the cleanliness and professionalism. Your research department is superb.
Good luck!

Dr. Sunder Mudaliar, Diabetologist & Prof. of Medicine,
University of San Diego, California, USA
An eye opener! Congratulations on setting up and running a truly world class Diabetes treatment and Research centre. If only there were more institutions of this kind in India.

Dr. Martha Funnell, Michigan Diabetes Research & Training Leader,
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful program. It is always a joy to know and talk to people whose hearts are with ours – working and caring for people with diabetes


Dr. Vivian Fonseca, Tulane University,
Health Sciences Centre, New Orleans, USA
Thank you for inviting me, I feel very honored to come back home as a visiting faculty, I am very impressed with the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation and wish your tremendous success in the future.

Dr. Richard Kahn, American Diabetes Association,
Washington DC, USA
This was a wonderful course and a wonderful experience. It certainly came out the way we both wanted it to be. All of your hard work paid off!!. I hope we can visit again soon and a very much hope that Michele and I can host your family in the US. once again. Please plan on you and Rema visiting us soon!!

Dr. Francine Kaufmann, President,
American Diabetes Association, California, USA
Thank you so much for having this wonderful course. The interaction, exchange of information and genuine hospitality was incredible. Your centre is most remarkable. You should be considered a national and international treasure for all that you and Rema have done. I look forward to future interaction. You have my unending admiration.

Dr. Claude Cowan, George Town University Medical Center,
Washington DC, USA
An excellent course, which was made especially enjoyable by the hospitality and kindness, extended to me by the staff of the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation and other course attendees. It has been a memorable experience.

Dr. Lois Jovanovic, Sansum Medical Research Institute,
California, USA
My soul is at home in your beautiful city. I know we are one people. Thank you for your good care of me. Most friendly and gratefully.

Dr. David Horwitz, Lifescan Inc.,
California, USA
I have tremendously enjoyed this opportunity to meet Indian diabetologists and to learn the problems of treating diabetes in India. Thank you for giving me the chance to share my experiences with you.

Dr. John Buse, University of North Carolina, USA
What a wonderful conference with fantastic accommodations and very devoted learners. The questions and discussion were unparalleled in my experience. I look forward to returning in the future. Congratulations to Dr.Mohan and the staff.

Dr. Aaron Vinik, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Virginia, USA
A famous film star said “This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship”. In 600 AD in Sanskrit Madhumela is honey urine was described and now we have collective intellect together to further our insight into this dreadful disease. This was a “sweet” experience and I salute your efforts in commencing our joint fight.

Prof. V.Natarajan, Johns Hopkins,
Baltimore, USA
This is my first visit to the Diabetes Centre. I was amazed to see the clinical and basic research aspects of diabetes related work that is being carried out here. This institution will be the foremost one in the nation.

Dr. Rao Aiyagari, Director, SERC,
Science of and Technology, New Delhi.
An excellent institution with outstanding people and able leadership serving the cause of society. What is significant is the dynamism of the young scientific staff and management. I am impressed. My best wishes for the success of the institution in future. DST hopes to build on the relationship. My personal thanks to Dr. Mohan.

Prof. P. Balaram, Professor, Molecular Biophysics Unit,
IISC, Bangalore, Editor, Current Science.
A marvellous institution where I have learned much. Hopefully, a collaborative program will ensure.

Dr. Enas A.Enas, Cardiologist,
Division of CAD Illinois, USA
A world class facility for clinical treatment, clinical biochemical research with state of the art equipments. Perhaps the largest treatment center with patients exceeding 90000 diabetic patients. A superb library with many journals and books. The publication list of Dr. Mohan and associates is outstanding. Congratulations to Dr. V.Mohan for the remarkable success and reputation achieved in such a short time.

Prof. M.S.Valiathan, Advisor, Manipal Academy of Higher Education,
Manipal, Karnataka and President,
Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi.
I am really impressed by the facilities website and above all, the spirit of the physicians and staff at the MDRF. If India had many more such institution our health care seen would change dramatically for the better.

Dr. Cora E. Lewis, Professor, Division of Preventive Medicine,
University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.
I was most impressed by the MDRF and the specialities centre. There is tremendous integration of research and clinical care and outstanding facilities. It is really remarkable that so much has been done in so little time. Of course, all the staff are outstanding. They work very hard and
are very gifted.

Ms. Ruth Colaguri, Director, Australian Centre for Diabetes Strategies, Senior Lecturer (Conjoint)
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
A warm and rewarding friendship and professional Collaboration with the Dr. Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Centre and the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation is much appreciated.

Prof. Stephen Colagiuri, Chairman,
Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Director,
Diabetes Services, Prince of Wales Hospital, Associate Professor, Faculty Medicine,
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.
It has been a pleasure to be part of the exciting initiative in diabetes education. We are looking forward to a long and productive collaboration. We dream of having a similar facility in the future!

Prof. B.D. Banerjee, Department of Biochemistry,
University College of Medical Sciences,
University of Delhi, Delhi.
This is one of the excellent clinical Research and patient care centres, I have visited in my life time. Very impressed by the dedication of the staff and co-ordination between Research and Clinical programmes.

Dr. Rita Banerjee, Senior Scientist,
Department of Science & Technology (DST), New Delhi
I am astonished by Madras Diabetes Research Foundation and its contribution to the Medical Profession. It is the best institution for diabetes treatment in the country as well as one of the best Diabetes Research Centre.

Chris Saudek (President, ADA, 2001-2002)
Thank you, Dr. Mohan, for showing me your extraordinary program! It was well worth the flight across India to see. I am impressed with your physical facility, your organization and even more by your obviously dedicated and talented staff. I look forward to hosting you at John Hopkins in June

Dr. Jorge M. Luna, Regional advisor, Child & adolescent health WHO, SEARO
Important center with very good potential to assist the Government of India in the surveillance of
Non- Communicable Diseases, Congratulations.

Prof. Somsak Wattanasri M.D, Pediatrician and Epidemiologist, Thailand
Wonderful team of epidemiologists that I've ever met. Good jobs. I appreciate!

Ms Kavitha Muthiah, Final year Medical student
University of Auckland, New Zealand
The early years of one's medical career are the most impressionable. It is during this period of time that ideals are formed and from the experiences slowly gained aspirations are built. Dr. Mohan and all the wonderful staff of DMDSC & MDRF….. my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to build my treasure chest of knowledge and experience. I have been truly awed by the amazing staff and research center, immensely grateful for the chance to gain clinical and research exposure.


Torben Hansen M.D, Senior Investigator
Steno Diabetes Center, Niels Steensens Vej 2, DK-2820 Gentofte, Denmark
This has been a great experience. We are very impressed by both the clinic and the research facilities, but most of all by the skills and the enthusiasm of all the people working here. We look forward to continuing and extending our collaboration. All the best wishes

Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India, New Delhi
A great pleasure to visit this Research foundation and the Specialities Centre devoted exclusively to Diabetes. Excellent work – both in patient care and in research (basic and clinical). I wish the foundation all the best in the future.

Dr. H.C. Gerstein, Mc Mask University, Canada
Thank you very much for a wonderful and very exciting tour of this very impressive facility. It is a real pleasure to see this and to be collaborating with you in DREAM and other studies that together can help change the face of dysglycemia and diabetes worldwide. I look forward to our ongoing collaboration.

Prof. R.A. Mashelkar, CSIR, Director general, New Delhi
It was a privilege to visit the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation. Inspiring and visionary leadership, enthusiastic and committed scientists form a strong foundation on which the future of this institute will be built. I am confident that this institute will be counted among the top few institutions in the world well before the end of this decade.

Dr.C.B. Sanjeevi M.D, Karolinska Institute
Department of Molecular Medicine Karolinska Hospital, Sweden
It was a great privilege to visit your center and see the high quality of research taking place. I wish you all the best.

Prof. Pierre J. Lefebvre, President
International Diabetes Federation
It has been a great pleasure to visit these renouned institutions: one of the best-integrated approach for diabetes care in the world. India the greatest democracy in the world has also the greatest number of people living with diabetes. A great challenge!
Good luck and continue the good work!

Dr. Wolgang Benkel, Internal / Tropical –Medicine Regional Medical Officer,
German Embassy New Delhi.
I am highly surprised to see such a highly qualified research institute and clinic which offers the best care and treatment in the diabetic field. I wish of diabetes further success and prosperity. Congratulations!

Dr. Nicola Abate M.D, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Division of Endocrinology /Metabolism & Clinical Nutrition
Director of UT Southwestern Lipid & Heart Disease, Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas
It was a great pleasure to visit the DMDSC and know all the very committed physicians and scientists working here. This is a center of excellence both from the clinical and scientific stand-point.

Dr. Manisha Chandalia, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Division of Endocrinology /Metabolism & Clinical Nutrition, Center for Human Nutrition
UT Southwestern Lipid & Heart Disease, Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas
It is a great honor to visit your center. The dedication & enthusiasm of all of you in managing diabetes and continuing with research on diabetes is simply amazing. I am also thrilled to see the next generation (Dr. Anjana Mohan) being so dedicated. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to visit you.


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