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Foods, Nutrition Research
  Portfolio of Past Activities of the Department  

1) Food and Nutrient database - EpiNu (Nutrition Epidemiology)
The EpiNu [Nutritional Epidemiology] software was developed intentionally for Epidemiological studies to assess the dietary habits of the population. The software is supported by a reference database of ingredients, macro and micronutrients, the ideal recipes, their nutritive value, recommended dietary allowances. The EpiNu database is the major source of dietary assessment database in India and provides foundation for most public and private sector databases.


This software ‘EpiNu’, avails information on more than 72 nutrients with all the possible sources (NIN- India, United States of Department of Agriculture, Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore, McCance, Candian Food composition, Malaysian Food composition, Singapore FC  etc), both the commercial and non commercial standardized recipes, It also gives the cooking procedures for standard recipes, allows for calculation of the nutritive value of individual’s recipes and has a glossary in  different Indian languages. This software will assist all the nutrition professionals in evaluating, counseling, and designing a specific diet-cum-lifestyle plan for individual needs based on the anthropometric profile, Biochemical parameters, Recommended Dietary allowances (RDA), energy intake and expenditure through it highlights diet and lifestyle parameters. Data entry software for the various studies has been provided to calculate population nutrient intake and output. This software is first of its kind in the country which provides all the information needed for the Nutritional Epidemiological studies and is updated constantly and will shortly be in the market to benefit dieticians / researchers / consumers and physicians

  Future trends  
    1. To conduct prospective and intervention studies
    2. Development of glycemic Index (GI) database for Indian foods
    3. Development of EpiNu® India database for Indian cooked foods nutritive values
    4. To popularize evidence based health foods in the market for better consumer informed choices


  1. Training/Internships on population dietary assessment methods, nutrition data analysis, for graduates, post graduates, dieticians, nutritionists.
  2. Food based clinical trials:
    a.Glycemic Index Testing  (GI link)
    b.Glycemic impact of foods through 24hr Continuous Glucose Monitoring study,
    c.Insulin Index
    d.Satiety study
  3. Foods Lab:
    a.Analysis of proximates, dietary fibre and resistant starch
    b.Technical expertise available to food industries for health foods development
    c.Food and nutrition labeling works
    d.Training food scientist and analytical chemist
  Research Team  

Honorary Senior Advisors
Dr. Kamala Krishnaswamy, Former NIN Director,
Dr. N. G. Malleshi, Former Head, Grain Science Technology,  CFTRI, Mysore

Head of Department
Mrs Sudha Vasudevan 
Research Dieticians
Ms. C. Sumathi
Ms. P. Muthumariyammal
Ms. G. Geetha
Ms. P. Vijayalakshmi
Ms. V. Sivasankari
Ms. U. Durgadevi
Ms. N. Lakshmipriya
Ms. A. Kokila
Ms. V. Rekha
Mrs. C. Janani
Ms. Jesilia. A
Ms. Priyadhashini. K

Research Assistants (Rural)
Ms. Vanmathi
Ms. Shakila
Mr Vigneshwar. P
Research Associate
Dr. Kalaiselvan. A
Mrs. Shobana Shanmugam

Senior Research Nutritionist
Mrs. Guhapriya. M
Nutritional Biochemist
Ms. Mookambika Ramya Bai

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