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  Ms. Sudha Vasudevan



Head, Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics Research


Academic Qualifications  


Masters in Food Service Management and Dietetics


Sudha Vasudevan is a Research Nutritionist at Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre and Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF), Chennai, India. She has 20 over years of experience as a dietitian/lecturer/research nutritionist both in India and abroad. Her current areas of Nutrition research include role of dietary glycemic carbohydrates in health and disease and studies on wellness foods in the Indian food market. We have also recently launched Glycemic Index Testing Centre For Foods and till now we have tested 15 products. We are currently involved in development of unique food visual atlas to capture population food and nutrient intake
As a lead member of the nutrition team from the department of Food and Nutrition Research (MDRF), she has developed and published a unique meal-based Food Frequency questionnaire (FFQ) to assess population food intake in India. Actively involved in the development and launch (2006) of EpiNu – Nutrition software first of its kind in India. She has represented and participated in both international and national seminars/ conferences. Represented the centre and won the best poster award in Singapore at the First International conference on Nutrigenomics – opportunities in Asia held in 2004. She addressed many public awareness programmes on diabetes through media and community lectures both in India and Singapore. Sudha is a life member of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA), Nutrition Society of India (NSI), Indian Diabetes Educator (IDE), Ex-member of Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association and Singapore Gerentological society.

  • Clinical Dietetics
  • Industrial catering
  • Teaching faculty member in the SNDT university
  • Ministry of health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Lecturer, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
  • Dietitian, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
  • Research Nutritionist for the Project by Ministry of Health, Singapore


  • Internship in the hospitals as part of the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum
  • Had been trained for the structuring of the course curriculum for the undergraduate Nutrition subjects in SNDT university, Mumbai
  • Was actively involved in the writing of learning objectives for various Nutrition subjects as part of the curriculum structure in Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.
  • Had been trained for teaching at higher level a course organized by Temasek Polytechnic for Lecturers
  • Course on problem solving skills conducted by McMaster University, Canada

Media activities and public programme participation

  • Delivered public diabetes education lectures on diet in diabetes conducted by Lions and Rotary clubs in Tamil Nadu
  • Presented a paper on Industrial Nutrition in the Industrial Nutrition seminar organized by Protein Foods India limited, Mumbai
  • Presented a paper on Healthy eating for healthy aging in Singapore
  • Lectures at the community centres in Singapore on Healthy eating
  • TV programme in Singapore on Nutrition
  • Singapore radio programme (FM 96.8) on healthy lifestyle
  • Talk on Nutrition and healthy pregnancy organized by Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore
  • Delivered lecture on Diabetes dietary management in the World diabetes day, Singapore
  • SUN TV programme on dietary management for diabetics, India
  • Healthy lifestyle awareness talk to students of St.John’s international school, Chennai 
  • Participated in the discussion forum on “Airline Menus” for diabetic subjects organized by Jet airways, Chennai
  • Talk on “Nutrition for the healthy youth” part of the orientation programme for the freshers organized by the Anna University.

Research work

  • Had been a guide for students of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses majoring in nutrition, dietetics and Biochemistry in India
  • Had also been the project supervisor (over 50 projects) for the polytechnic students of Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore.
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  • Radhika G, Sudha V, Sathya M, Ganesan A, Mohan V. Association of fruit and vegetable intake with cardiovascular risk factors in urban south Indians. British Journal of Nutrition, 1-8; 2007 (Epub
  • Radhika G, Sathya M, Sudha V, Ganesan A, Mohan V. Dietary salt and hypertension in  urban south Indian population. Journal of Association of Physicians of India, 2007; 55:405-411.
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  • Sudha Vasudev: Dietary trends in Diabetes management, In Nutrition Society of India, XXXV Annual meeting, Scientific Programme and Abstracts. National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad; Dec 12-13, 2003; P. 16: SYM 1.04.
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